• Monday, September 25, 2023


Criminal gangs on social media helping drivers to avoid speeding fines

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

Criminal gangs are profiting from aiding motorists in evading speeding fines and penalty points, a Daily Mail investigation has revealed.

These gangs are resorting to using fake or stolen information to contest that someone else was driving the vehicle caught speeding on police cameras.

The prevalence of such scams has prompted a heightened police presence in the central London area.

The issue came to light last month when Premier League footballer Jesse Lingard, 30, faced a driving ban after a fake driver’s identity was provided to authorities when he was caught speeding in his Range Rover.

Despite pleading guilty, Lingard’s lawyer claimed ignorance about the source of the false information.

Numerous scammers promoting their services on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook have been discovered, promising to eliminate fines and points for motorists.

Undercover reporters posing as drivers who received speeding tickets found that within two days, ten individuals agreed to remove fines for fees ranging between £250 and £800.

These fraudsters manipulate police forms, known as Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIP), to allege that someone else was behind the wheel during the speeding offense.

They often provide false names and addresses, leading authorities on fruitless chases. Some criminals even exploit innocent individuals or those vulnerable to their schemes.

The phenomenon of “NIP Farms,” where certain gangs repeatedly employ the same fake identities, has been identified.

One gang operating in the Greater Manchester area is suspected of making over £1 million from handling more than 2,000 speeding fines.

Although only one fraudster has been convicted so far, law enforcement is cracking down on these schemes, which are linked to Organised Crime Groups.

Various scammers offer speedy removal of speeding fines for a fee, exploiting the desperation of drivers.

However, authorities warn that these practices not only undermine road safety but are also linked to more serious criminal activities.

Police forces in the North West of England have initiated actions against those utilising NIP Farms, prosecuting over 300 drivers, with some losing their licenses.

The consequences for individuals involved in NIP Farms extend to hefty penalties, criminal convictions, and potential jail terms.


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