• Saturday, September 30, 2023


Gadar 2 Review: Silly attempt to cash in on cross-border conflict

By: Pooja Choudhary

WHEN Gadar: Ek Prem Katha was released in 2001, the tensions between India and Pakistan were higher than usual and it resulted in the Partition-set action drama clocking up recordbreaking numbers at the box office. 

 The sequel, set against the backdrop of the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, is another attempt to cash in on the cross-border conflict between the two countries. This time around, lead protagonist Tara disappears during the 1971 war and his son goes looking for him in Pakistan. What follows is a father and son caught in a conflict zone. 

 This overly long movie seems solely aimed at those who hate Pakistan, with a story that makes little sense and has holes big enough to drive a truck through. It isn’t based on any kind of reality or true story, so is powered by jingoism and over the top action. There are also recycled songs and moments from the first part. 

 From silly fighting sequences to caricature-like villains to shouted dialogues, there are unintentionally funny moments from start to finish. 

 Lead star Sunny Deol also disappears for large chunks of the movie as director Anil Sharma attempts to give his not so talented son Utkarsh Sharma centre stage. 

 The style of storytelling and messaging belongs to another era, where audiences weren’t so exposed to more intelligent cinema. 

 Producer/director Sharma shows just why he hasn’t delivered a blockbuster since Gadar became a surprise hit 22 years ago and seems to solely rely on hate to sell his film. 

 The fast dwindling fans of Deol will find plenty to like and of course, those who have a deep hatred for Pakistan, may also enjoy this leave your brains at home movie.  

Ultimately, this is a sequel that wasn’t needed and is targeted at a limited audience. 


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