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Haley urges to move beyond Trump; Ramaswamy condemns indictment

By: Pramod Thomas

INDIAN-AMERICAN Republican presidential candidates have reacted strongly to the indictment of former US president Donald Trump.

Trump was arraigned last week on charges accusing him of trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley on Sunday (6) urged voters to leave Trump and his legal woes in the rearview.

“While I think he was the right president at the right time, you know, earlier and while I think his policies were good, I don’t think he’s the right president at the right time going forward,” Haley, who served as ambassador to the UN under Trump, is reported to have said.

Meanwhile, another candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, said he is suing the Justice Department for more information related to Trump’s latest indictment, which he ‘believes is corrupt’.

“I think this is politically motivated, no doubt. I think there are no coincidences in the fact that they’re bringing three indictments against him at the same time in the midst of an election. But I’m not even in this to defend Trump. I’m in this to defend the country. I think this will set an awful precedent in our country. No doubt about it. If one party can do it today, the same shoe will fit the other foot tomorrow,” said Ramaswamy.

According to Haley, Trump’s indictments and investigations could distract from other problems the country faces.

“None of us want to be talking about indictments. I don’t even know if it’s the third, fourth, or fifth indictment right now, but what I can tell you is, it’s a distraction, and frankly, the media is talking about it nonstop,” Haley said during an interview on CBS.

The former South Carolina governor said that Trump’s legal battles will take centre stage during the general election if he becomes the Republican candidate and such a scenario will be ‘unproductive’.

While declaring his strong his allegiance to Trump, Ramaswamy said that he will pardon Trump for the indictments as he wants to move the country forward.

He said, “I think the key for me is going to be to make sure that I stick to the approach of being unrestrained in speaking the truth. I’m not a Super PAC puppet, and I want to keep it that way. I’m a patriot who speaks the truth.”

The first Republican debate of the 2024 US presidential campaign will take place in Milwaukee on August 23. Trump has said he plans to skip the debate.

The event will be a crucial moment for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who badly needs some momentum in his challenge to Trump for the party’s nomination.

The other candidates who will participate in the debate will be North Dakota governor Doug Burgum, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie and US senator Tim Scott.

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