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India’s music scene has changed drastically, artists are empowered: Shreya Ghoshal

By: Mohnish Singh

Ace singer Shreya Ghoshal says digital platforms have changed the Indian music landscape drastically, making it easier for independent artists to break through and thrive.

The singer, who recently collaborated with Egyptian rapper Afroto for Coke Studio Global’s new release “Sunn Beliya”, said great artists now don’t lack exposure.

“Music scene has drastically changed over the last two or three years. Thanks to the digital way of consuming music, a large number of independent artists are coming to the forefront. They are empowered. The ecosystem is also building around it and helping them out. I am happy that we are not losing out on great artists just because they don’t have a way in,” Ghoshal told PTI in an interview.

As somebody who forayed into the music industry as a teenager, the 39-year-old said entering the close and controlled playback circuit was challenging.

“I came into the industry when there was only playback music. So even then, to enter the kind of monopoly that was there and to be able to find a space for myself was another journey… But the journey for artists today is so different and I’m so happy. It is a very positive space to be in. Even if you put up a good song cover on Instagram, you will be heard,” she added.

Ghoshal, known for singing chartbuster songs such as “Bairi Piya”, “Jaadu hai nasha hai”, “Teri meri”, “Teri Ore” and “Tum Kya Mile”, said the easy access to the audience still does not guarantee success.

“With all the exposure we have to start thinking of making music differently. We need to look at the taste of people and the accessibility of music. We have to really do something fresh to be able to be heard and liked. The access is there but one has to put in a lot more effort to sustain.” The playback artist said the experience she has gained by working with musicians from across the globe has been an “eye-opener” for her. Ghoshal said her international collaborations made her realise that it’s not the language but the emotion that audiences connect with.

“We have similar thought processes, interests, dislikes, problems, and solutions. We have just different cultures and languages, but ultimately all human emotions are the same and that’s what the message is in ‘Sunn Beliya’,” she added.

“Sunn Beliya” is penned by Afroto and Rashmi Virag. The composers are Afroto, Kaushik-Guddu, Issa & Assouad and NOVO. The peppy number features Ghoshal singing in Hindi and Bangla.

The singer said she always wanted to collaborate with Coke Studio and “Sunn Beliya” seemed like a perfect opportunity.

“I always wanted to do something with Coke Studio. When this happened, I was very excited and then I got to know it’s global, so it was even better… This was a very organic, beautiful collaboration and Afroto is a sweet personality himself. He is eager, excited, and full of ideas and energy. He is a fabulous performer,” she said.

Even though there was a language barrier, Ghoshal said, creating the song was a smooth process as the concept was clear in their minds.

“‘Sun Beliya’ is a product of a proper global crossover and for me, it’s a first so it was exciting. I think this is a beginning for me and I’m so glad that I’m the first Indian artist to do a song on Coke Studio’s global platform. I’m happy to be representing India and Indian languages,” the singer said.


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