• Sunday, October 01, 2023


John Constable painting worth up to £2 million found in ancient Scottish castle

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

A forgotten painting by prominent British landscape painter, John Constable, valued at up to £2 million, has been uncovered within the 800-year-old Craufurdland Castle.

The castle’s current owners, Simon Houison Craufurd and Adity, have been grappling with the financial burden of maintaining the estate, with repair and maintenance costs reaching £100,000 annually, The Telegraph reported.

The remarkable discovery of the genuine Constable artwork, previously disregarded as a fake, has the potential to inject much-needed funds into the estate’s preservation.

Art expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan, following months of analysis, determined the true value of the painting.

The oil depiction of a typical landscape featuring a bridge and river was found to exhibit compelling traits consistent with Constable’s style and technique.

Estimated to be worth between £1 million and £2 million, the painting’s frame bears the title “Old Bridge over the Avon,” though Archer-Morgan contends that it likely portrays a location along the Thames in Oxfordshire.

Evidence from Constable’s notebook suggests the artist’s presence in the Oxfordshire area during the 1820s, corroborating the timeframe in which the artwork was believed to be created.

The painting’s journey to Craufurdland Castle can be traced back to its acquisition in 1918 from art collector John Postle Heseltine.

The significant revelation will be showcased on the upcoming Channel 4 programme “Millionaire Hoarders,” where experts uncover hidden treasures within properties for potential sale.

Craufurd expressed the transformative potential of the discovery for the estate’s future, recognising the newfound legacy that could benefit generations to come.


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