• Friday, December 08, 2023


Krishnan-Guru Murthy admits he did ‘Strictly’ to keep up with ‘hot wife’

By: Mohnish Singh

Channel 4 broadcaster Krishna Guru-Murthy has revealed that he accepted the offer to participate in the widely popular celebrity dance reality show Strictly Come Dancing to keep up with his ‘hot wife’ Lisa after he realised that he was “overweight and unattractive” on his 53rd birthday back in April.

He said his wife was “looking hot” after transforming herself by running ten miles every other day and joining a rowing club.

His wife’s fitness journey motivated Krishnan and, having signed up for the latest edition of Strictly Come Dancing, he eventually lost two-and-a-half stone over the course of a few months, dropping from 15 stone to 12st 7lbs.

Asked if he felt insecure about his appearance, he told a publication, “Yes, definitely. And I think that’s not necessarily a bad thing if men pull themselves together because their wives are looking hotter than they are – if you get in that situation where all the women are looking good and all the men are overweight and beer bellies.”

He continued, “My wife is enjoying that I am a little bit lighter than I was. In a way, I have been trying to keep up with her. She is amazing and so I think she is pleased I have started catching and pulling myself together, getting fitter and looking a bit more presentable. I am a bit obsessed with being overweight and unattractive. My wife has never talked in those terms but she has always talked about me being healthy. I think you get yourself into a position where you give up and think it’s fine. I just reached that stage.”

Over the weekend, Krishnan and his dance partner Lauren Oakley took on the Foxtrot, performing to the Billy Ocean classic “Love Really Hurts Without You” on Strictly Come Dancing.

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