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Madhuri Dixit: Indian film industry has become disciplined

Madhuri Dixit

By: Sarwaralam

Madhuri Dixit, who ruled the silver screen in the late ’80s and ’90s, has said the film industry has become more “disciplined” over the years.

“Today films are being made on time and everyone has become punctual. There is discipline. Also, different kinds (concept) of films are being made and are doing well. It is not just about song and dance, they have started focusing on the story too. Today women (actress) are coming in the forefront and producing films which is wonderful. You get a bound script, you are aware of your role, your look and actors just have to focus on their performance. The industry is moving in the right direction,” Madhuri said.

Madhuri, 49, who was present at FICCI Frames 2017 along with her husband Sriram Nene, spoke about her online dance academy and life after marriage and motherhood.

The dancing diva noted more writers are taking interest in writing women-centric roles.

“Change doesn’t happen overnight. I see more roles are being written with actresses in mind. Today women are not just a mother, they take care of the home, kids and everything and people are taking cognisance of this,” she said.

Commenting on the on-going debate on nepotism, the actor said: ““For the star kids it is hard as they are under scrutiny all the time and they are scrutinised in a much tougher way than an outsider. You might be little kind to an outsider but for a star kid you will be a little harsh,”

Madhuri, who was last seen in Gulaab Gang, will return to the big screen provided there is a good role for her.


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