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‘Mrs Sidhu Investigates’: Everything we know about Meera Syal’s mystery series

By: Mohnish Singh

A new original mystery series Mrs Sidhu Investigates, starring multiple award-winning actress and one of the best-known South Asian TV personalities on British TV, Meera Syal, is set to begin on Wednesday 4 October at 8 pm on UKTV Drama. Before the new drama series begins its run, here is everything you need to know about it.

Mrs. Sidhu Investigates is about the life of Mrs. Sidhu who is always trying to solve crimes. After losing her husband, she has to run her new catering business and help her son, Tez, find his true passion. She keeps giving out her own kind of justice to people who think they are above the law. Her journey into the world of detective work takes an unexpected turn when she starts an unofficial partnership with DCI Burton, a long-suffering divorcee.

Before being turned into a TV series, Mrs. Sidhu Investigates was brought to people’s attention on BBC Radio 4, with Syal voicing the titular role.

“There was a real appetite to get Mrs Sidhu on TV but I didn’t think it would ever happen because making the transition from radio is so rare. It still has warmth and humour — but our canvas is bigger now!” Syal earlier said.

In addition to Syal, Mrs. Sidhu Investigates also stars Gurjeet Singh who takes on the role of Tez while Craig Parkinson plays DCI Burton in the TV show. Gordon Kennedy is seen as De Vries, Vanessa Vanderpuye as Lori Mckenzie, and Jade Harrison as Selene Melville.

The show is created by Suk Pannu.


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