• Sunday, October 01, 2023


Nicolas Cage’s ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ to stream in India on Lionsgate Play

By: Mohnish Singh

Sympathy for the Devil, starring Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage, will be available for streaming in India on Lionsgate Play from September 29.

Directed by Yuval Adler, the film follows a taxi driver on his way to the hospital, as he is interrupted by an unwelcome passenger and held at gunpoint.

“Forced against his will, this dangerous car ride uncovers hidden secrets that leave both ‘The Driver’, played by the celebrated Joel Kinnaman, and ‘The Passenger’ in shock,” read the synopsis of the movie according to a press release.

Cage, who plays The Passenger in Sympathy for the Devil, described his character as someone who is “enigmatic”.

“He’s trying to get The Driver to get back to the dark dog, the bad dog, the evil dog that he knows is in him. Joel’s character – The Driver is on the other side because they have both been at the epicentre of this particular tragedy.

“The other idea was working with Joel and having a two-hander where it’s largely just these two people talking. That brought me into it – I thought that would be a new challenge and something that I had not done before. This is going to be a high-wire character in the so-called reportorial, I think it’s going to be amazing,” the Academy Award winner said in a statement.

Sympathy for the Devil is written by Luke Paradise and is produced by Allan Ungar, Alex Lebovici, Stuart Manashil, and Cage.


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