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Richa Chadha Interview: ‘I hope there is Fukrey 4 and we don’t take five-six years to make it’

By: Mohnish Singh

Popular Bollywood actress Richa Chadha has once again hit the jackpot with her latest film Fukrey 3, the third instalment in the immensely successful comedy franchise Fukrey. The comic caper, which hit cinemas on September 28, has been doing excellent business ever since its release, with Chadha’s character Bholi Punjaban winning audiences and critics’ hearts alike.

Days before the release of the film, Richa shared with Eastern Eye that Fukrey 3, according to her, is the best instalment of the franchise so far. She also revealed how easy or difficult was it for her to live a character for a decade and much more.

How would you describe Fukrey 3?

I really do think this is the best one yet. I think the makers have put their heart and soul into this and the writers have worked exceptionally hard to keep the humour, the flavour, and the quirks of the characters alive. Not only that, the fan base of the film has grown organically over the past decade so I am really looking forward to the responses from the audience.

Tell us a bit about the storyline of Fukrey 3 without giving away any spoilers.

The storyline in Fukrey 3 is essentially a lot bigger, the stakes are obviously higher. There is a larger threat than even Bholi that even looms over the boys and as you know in this instalment, things get political. Bholi is tired of being a small-time con woman so she wants the big bucks hence she decides to join politics and then there is a face-off between Bholi and Choocha which obviously makes for great comedy.

Fans love you in the role of Bholi Punjaban. What is she up to in the new film?

Well, as you can see in the trailer, she is joining politics, she is standing for elections of a very crucial post in Delhi and Bholi being Bholi, there is more to it than meets the eye, she is obviously up to no good. She is up to mischief and she is very self-serving and ambitious and almost ruthless in her persuasive of her own goals. So what is she up to? She is up to no good!

How easy or difficult is it for you to live a character for a decade?

Well, I don’t really live the character for a decade because that would make me insane but I do try and work with the director through readings, workshops, and getting the punches, the comedy, the timings, the dialogue readings, so we waste less time of sets and we do not have a lot of retakes. It takes a bit of getting used to when you get back into the skin of a character after such a long time but it is also easy because of familiar territory. The first few days are obviously hard but then the stuff gets easier.

What appealed to you in the character when you were first approached for it?

There is no degree of self-doubt in her mind with respect to gender. She does not think that just because she is a woman, she can’t or shouldn’t do something.

What was your biggest challenge during the production of Fukrey 3?

The biggest challenge was to keep the innocence alive for all the characters. It was to have as much fun as we did while making the first part when we were raw and fresh and new actors. I think that we have managed to overcome the challenges that we faced because we did really enjoy working on the film.

What memories do you have from your time shooting the film?

I have an endless Pandora’s box of memories. It was super fun and I feel very fortunate that I have made friends for life and I have all these amazing boys in my life. The film has also given me a husband, so very thrilled.

Where does this rank in other characters you have done?

It ranks somewhere really high at the top and I can say without a doubt in the minds of the audience that this is the character that they love me most for.

Will there be a part four?

I hope that there is one and that we don’t take five-six years to make it.

What else is in the works for you?

Next in the works is Heeramandi, a UK co-production called Aaina, and a film with Zee Studios which is untitled so far.


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