• Saturday, September 23, 2023


Sanam Harrinanan opens up about lack of opportunities since winning ‘Love Island’

By: Mohnish Singh

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan, who won the winter series of the popular dating show Love Island in March, have revealed that they have not had many opportunities since winning the show.

When fans asked why they were never seen on daytime TV or photoshoots after leaving the Love Island villa, Kai said in a YouTube video, “We don’t know. We have no answer to that. We don’t really know why all previous Love Island winners before us, and even after us, were afforded such opportunities. We can’t explain why – there’s no justification for it. I feel like since we’ve come out of the villa, all we’ve done is spend time with each other, build our relationship.”

Sanam added, “We just sort of cracked on with each other and our families. We found a home together and built our home together. Of course, it would be amazing to be on the same level as others who have done what you’ve done, but at the same time we’re focusing on ourselves.”

Kai further said, “That’s the most important thing – building our relationship, and making sure that we’re strong before anything else. The thing is, you don’t expect anything. You don’t expect to go on there and get all these opportunities because you’re very naive, you go audition to go in and find love, and that’s what we found. So, we’re both really happy with that, and obviously, things aren’t coming. We don’t know why, maybe we’re not what they want us to see because we don’t cause drama, we’re not in these certain circles, we don’t do certain things unusual – maybe that’s your answer, or maybe it’s something else.”

Kai also said, “We represented a lot of people. Sanam’s Indo-Caribbean, I’m mixed white and Caribbean – my dad’s side are from Jamaica, my mum’s side are English. I feel like we literally represent the diversity of the country here, that’s something to be celebrating about.”

Sanam added, “I personally thought that would have been spoken about more, but I think – from what I saw – a lot of the focus was me being a Casa [Amor] girl and winning, which I mean yeah that’s well, and good… But at the end of the day, what we believe is we represent more than that.”

“We represent people of ethnic minority in the country being able to win one of the biggest TV shows in the world. That’s something that we’re really proud of,” Kai concluded.


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