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Sofia Gillani burns brightly with her new song Flames

By: ShelbinMS

Some of the best British talent are independent artists who are carving out their own path with superb songs that are bringing something new to the music industry.

Young singer-songwriter Sofia Gillani falls firmly into that category and has been getting
better with each song, since announcing her arrival with her dynamic debut Ain’t a Game.

She continues that impressive run with her most recent release Flames, which is a follow-up to her last song Water Run Dry.

Eastern Eye caught up wi­­th the rising young music star to find out more about her.

What first connected you to music?
I started singing when I was around 10. I got inspired by listening to my dad play guitar and discovering particular songs in the car. Once I did my first performance at school, I was co­m­p­l­etely motivated to pursue my mus­ic creativity to see where it could go. My sound began leaning to pop mu­sic with many of my favourite influences.

How did you feel when your first song released?
I was ecstatic and excited. I was not expecting my first song Ain’t a Game to be received so well. It got picked up by many radio stations in the UK and quite a few in the US, which was really cool. The animated music video for the song caught a lot of attention too and was nominated for best animated video at the Cornwall Film Festival.

Which of your songs is closest to your heart?
I’d have to say Other Side because it was a song that, for me, shone bright in dark times, being so relatable and more direct in its lyrical sense. I feel empowered when singing it and reminds me of the development I have made as a singer.

How would you describe your music and sound?
My identity is stamped all over my sound, as I express myself through my journey of music.

What inspires you as a songwriter?
All my song-writing influences come from my surroundings, experiences, and the world. I also enjoy reading multiple books.

Which artists have been your biggest musical influences?
My musical influences range from SIA to Adele.

Tell us something about your most recent song Flames?
Flames is paired with my last release Water Run Dry to amplify the message of natural change and karma. Wa­t­er Run Dry is an abstract metaphor for never losing hope and looking for a solution when times feel impossible.

What can we expect next from you?
Quite a few live shows are coming up and more are to be announced. Do follow me on Instagram for updates. I have a song titled Monster, for which I am in the process of shooting a music video. Also, another song Won’t Be One, for which I have completed a music video. Stay tuned.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a young independent artist?
I have faced some earlier challenges with recording techniques, but I have developed and learned quickly. I have a great team working behind the scenes for me, who really believe in me, and that means more to me than anything. It keeps me going. My music and I are evolving together, and my song lyric work and composition will reflect that.

What music dominates your own personal playlist?
R’n’b, pop and jazz dominate my playlist.

What is the best musical advice you ever received?
It was to appreciate the small victories.

Why do you love singing?
Singing is one of the most impactful art forms. A quote I heard sums it up perfectly – ‘This is your chance to prove to the world what you feel music is about, no matter how big or small your recognition is. It is your chance to free what you want to say. You have a message. Sing it, scream it. There’s no right and wrong in real music’.

Instagram: @sofia.aneesa.gillani

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