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The Royal Court Theatre announces cast for Milli Bhatia’s ‘Blue Mist’

By: Mohnish Singh

The Royal Court Theatre today announced Salman Akhtar, Omar Bynon, and Arian Nik as the cast for Mohamed-Zain Dada’s debut play Blue Mist.

It is directed by Royal Court Associate Director Milli Bhatia, who has previously directed such successful plays as Baghdaddy, Maryland, Living Newspaper, My White Best Friend (and Other Letters Left Unsaid), This Liquid Earth: A Eulogy in Verse [Edinburgh International Festival], Half Full (& RWCMD), Dismantle This Room.

Set in the shisha lounges of North West London, Blue Mist follows a journalist who sells out his own community, in a candid riposte to the portrayal of South Asian Muslim men in the media.

It runs in the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs from Thursday 5 October to Saturday 18 November 2023. Press night is Wednesday 11 October 2023 at 7pm.

Blue Mist is designed by Tomás Palmer, with lighting design by Elliot Griggs, sound design by Elena Peña, and movement direction by Theophilus O. Bailey.

Chunkyz Shisha Lounge is a home away from home for Jihad, Rashid, and Asif, a space where community whispers are heard, jokes are told and new hustles are born. But its future is under threat, having become a target for local politicians.

Aspiring journalist, Jihad wants to fight back. After winning a competition to produce his own documentary, he sets out to create something that gives a voice to his community and challenges the usual stereotypes that fill the airwaves.

Will Jihad be able to create something that makes his boys proud? Or will his dreams of becoming a journalist come at a cost too high to bear?

Blue Mist is a story about South Asian Muslim Men navigating a system that isn’t built for them. Directed by Royal Court Associate Director, Milli Bhatia.

Blue Mist is a co-production with SISTER.


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