• Friday, December 08, 2023


Trevor Noah roasts Bengaluru venue after cancelling shows

By: Mohnish Singh

Stand-up comedian and TV host Trevor Noah has come down heavily on the organisers of his cancelled Bengaluru event.

For the uninitiated, two of his shows scheduled at the Manpho Convention Centre in Bengaluru on September 27 and 28 were called off at the last minute due to a technical glitch.

Now a video of him complaining about the poor infrastructure in Bengaluru has gone viral.

A member of the audience, named Aayushi Sachdeva, shared snippets of his show in Mumbai on X where Noah spoke about what happened when he had entered the venue in Bengaluru.

In the video, the Emmy-Award winner opened up about the poor condition of the Manpho Convention Centre and said, “Now, usually when I go to do a show backstage what happens is there will be like an entrance that you walk into and then you’re in the venue and then you emerge into a backstage area before you come and perform. Here, we walk through an alley that was full of dogs, half of which were in cages. I have never prepared for a show where the backstage area is dogs in cages.”

He added that the venue more or less resembled a “semi-permanent tent, with no screens and giant air-conditioners.”

Biocon chief Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw took a dig at the crumbling infrastructure of Bengaluru by sharing Noah’s video on X.

“Bangalore’s shambolic state has provided enough content for Trevor Noah’s future shows. If this does not wake up the administration then we have nothing to hope for,” she wrote.

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