• Thursday, February 22, 2024


UK envoy to India says parliament carnage was attack on ‘values shared by UK and India’

Dominic Asquith (left) pictured here with the former Indian high commissioner to the UK Navtej Sarna

By: Sarwaralam

A day after the terror strike on the UK parliament, the British envoy to India on Thursday (23) said it was an attack on the values shared by Britain, India and many other countries, and pitched for greater cooperation to defeat the menace.

British high commissioner to India Dominic Asquith said counter-terrorism measures are an important part of Britain’s engagement with India.

The envoy also lauded the “extraordinary strength” of the British people and said they showed courage to deal with the situation.

“It’s a very emotional reminder of the extraordinary strength that lies in society. The response from individuals was really heartwarming…

“As London will return to ordinary life, parliament will go on today. The business will survive and carry on. We will do our bit to ensure that people can continue on doing that with confidence and safety,” he said.

On Wednesday (22) a knife-wielding man rampaged through a street in his car and tried to storm the parliament, in which five people died and nearly 40 others were injured.

Seven people were on Thursday (23) arrested in raids by anti-terror officers across London and Birmingham after the “Islamist-related terrorism” attack.

Asquith said the strike was an attack on the “values shared” by the UK with other countries including India and reminds us of our “vulnerability”.

On counter-terror cooperation with India, he said, “it is a very important part” of British collaboration with the country and added that it is at a “very high level”.

“It covers a variety of strands of activity – sharing analysis, policy, intelligence about what’s happening and sharing capability to respond to incidents when they do happen,” said Asquith.

“The attack case is still being investigated. But it’s a reminder that we are vulnerable to people who are out there to attack values that we all here in India, UK, across Europe and everywhere in the world value. So it’s a reminder of our vulnerability,” Asquith added.

The envoy also thanked people who had sent messages of support following the attack.

“I would like to thank people who have offered wishes of condolence and support from here in India. It is a reminder of the links that the two countries have and the values that we share,” he added.


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