• Wednesday, March 22, 2023


York and Scarborough NHS Trust will recruit more than 100 staff from India

four young medical students chat to each other and their manager after a shift on the wards

By: Anttoni James Numminen

THE York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has made offers to 107 medical staff following a recruitment trip to Kerala.

A report presented to the board stated that following the recruitment trip to Kerala, India, the trust has made offers to 97 registered nurses (RN) and 10 allied health professionals (AHP).

Members of the trust’s board of directors were given an update on the recruitment at a meeting on February 22.

In recent years the trust has faced issues with the recruitment and retention of staff, according to board papers.

The report said, “Work is underway to process applications and support candidates with their English to enable cohorts to be drafted so we can plan commencement dates across 2023/24.

“The trust has started the process to bid for NHS England funding to support international nursing recruitment between April – November 2023 and has indicated a target of 90 international nurses which could generate £450,000 in funding.”

The board was also told the trust met its international nursing recruitment target in 2022-2023, with 134 nurses recruited.

“The trust is on track to deliver our international AHP recruitment target of 18 and has been recognised as the organisation with the highest level of international AHP’s on-boarded in the region.”

(Local Democracy Reporting Service)

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