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Total Fatalities 251,323
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India corona update 
Total Fatalities 251,323
Total Cases 23,126,534
Today's Fatalities 3,879
Today's Cases 329,517


Abs-olutely fabulous actors

By: PrajaktaMohite


THE hot heroines are not the only ones providing some eye-candy in Indian cinema, because more male stars than ever before are unveiling sweet six-packs for women to savour.

These marvellous men are showing off all the hard work they have done in the gym by revealing terrifically toned torsos in films, sexy photo shoots and on social media.

With that in mind, Eastern Eye sent resident columnist and single girl Priya Mulji on a mission to find the hottest six-packs in Bollywood. Her first stop was social media, then detecting how much heat the bodies generated online and finally asking experts including fitness specialists.

“When I set off on this mission I didn’t know what to expect, but what I found was seriously fit heroes giving pumped up pleasure to their fans. After a lot of hard work, getting hot under the collar and feeling my heart rate increase, here are the tasty 10 who topped the beautiful body list,” said Priya.

10] Farhan Akhtar: Not satisfied with being an actor, filmmaker, writer, singer and philanthropist, Farhan has also shown he has a beautiful body too. He has maintained the impressive physique from his film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and, as an added bonus, has become single since then. The thinking woman’s sex symbol, you want to bite into that six-pack while listening to him sing or recite a poem.

9] Sidharth Malhotra: The rising star has left a permanent mark in the hearts of women with those rock hard abs. The toned, ripped body had also won the seal of approval from Bollywood crown princess Alia Bhatt. The brooding young actor makes you want to grab hold of that body and not let go.

8] Varun Dhawan: The hot right-now star likes to show off his rippling muscles. Bless him for his kindness. He also makes you want to run your fingers down his tightly chiselled stomach and chest. He has a cheeky personality to match up to playful photographs he regularly shares.

7] John Abraham: The model turned actor has practically lived in the gym throughout his career and built up a heroically sculpted body. He is so muscular that it would be near impossible for anyone to wrap their arms fully around him, but you could have a lot of fun trying. He does need to spend less hours in the gym and more time sharing hot photos with females though.

6] Ranveer Singh: Look at a majority of six-pack photos shared by the hotright-now actor and you will notice that he oiled up his body for each occasion. The oil combined with the hot muscles means you wouldn’t have to leave bed in the morning and could quite easily fry your breakfast on his superbly toned stomach. It’s a wonder his beard doesn’t catch fire.

5] Tiger Shroff: The new sixpack on the block takes his top off at every given opportunity and seemingly loves to get naked. In fact we have seen more photos of him shirtless than with his clothes on. Tiger’s eye popping definition has made all generations roar with delight. His body is so beautiful that we have forgiven him for his not so great movies.

4] Sushant Singh Rajput: The talented actor has shown there is a naughty surprise hiding beneath that sweet boy next door exterior. Hours spent in the gym have resulted in a fabulous physique that women would no doubt want to bite into. He has made women hope their partners too could get into shape like Sushant and surprise them one day with such well defined muscles.

3] Gurmeet Choudhary: Perhaps the best-kept secret in Indian cinema right now is the brooding television star-turned Bollywood actor’s hot body. He just loves working out and is in the gym at every given opportunity. Females who have been following him on television are a step ahead and waiting for everyone else to catch up. They have been sharing photos of his body for years and voted for him in their masses because his body is a work of art that needs to be shared.

2] Hrithik Roshan: Although there were plenty of actors who were working out before Hrithik, the perfectly proportioned pinup raised the bar and inspired all those who followed. Maybe it is modesty or that he doesn’t want too many women to pass out from high blood pressure, but the Greek god narrowly misses out on the top spot purely because he hasn’t shared enough shirtless photos of himself in recent years. We can’t get enough of the photos he does share and keep going back for another look.

1] Shahid Kapoor: Those voting for the cute actor nearly broke the internet and it was clear they all had Shahid fever. He has shared so many hot bare body shots that the fever has gone viral and put all those who have viewed his photos into a trance. He gets extra points for maintaining his hot muscles even after getting married and still sharing photos of the beautiful body with fans. He is the first official winner of Eastern Eye’s hottest six-pack competition. All raise a glass and take a closer look.

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