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Entrepreneur claims his anti-ageing regimen reverses epigenetic age by 5 years

In addition to these supplements, Johnson’s proprietary ‘Longevity Mix’ will also be available for purchase. (Representative image: iStock)

By: Vibhuti Pathak

The anti-ageing industry is blooming with increasing demand, and people obsessed with no-wrinkle, uplifted faces are the target audience for this industry’s entrepreneurs.

But Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old entrepreneur, has came up with a ground-breaking anti-ageing regimen that has actually been curated by him and that reportedly reversed his epigenetic age by an astounding 5.1 years.

This curated diet, known as ‘Project Blueprint’ includes a rigorous routine, and involves an investment of over £1.5 million annually, encompassing a meticulously curated diet, extensive supplement intake, and comprehensive health monitoring.

Now, Johnson is unveiling a portion of his acclaimed regimen to the public with the launch of his ‘Blueprint Stack.’ Priced at £273, the stack includes a range of nutritional supplements meticulously selected by Johnson himself. This innovative blend, touted as ‘second only to mother’s milk’ by Johnson, promises to offer consumers a glimpse into his transformative anti-ageing journey.

The Blueprint Stack features a curated assortment of supplements aimed at enhancing immunity, heart health, joint function, and overall well-being. Notable components include ‘Red Yeast Rice plus Odour-free Garlic’ for immunity support, ‘NAC + Ginger + Curcumin’ for joint and liver health, and essential capsules containing vital nutrients like Vitamin D, E, and Thiamin.

In addition to these supplements, Johnson’s proprietary ‘Longevity Mix’ will also be available for purchase. Described as a refreshing drink with a blood orange flavour, this concoction forms a crucial component of Johnson’s anti-ageing arsenal.

When questioned about the Blueprint Stack’s role in consumers’ diets, Johnson clarified that it is intended to complement existing nutrition rather than serve as a complete food replacement. He advises users to substitute 400 calories from their current diet with the Blueprint Stack, guiding a smooth transition.

Johnson’s foray into the anti-aging arena comes as no surprise, given his illustrious career trajectory. As the founder and CEO of Kernel, a company pioneering brain-monitoring devices, and OS Fund, a venture capital firm investing in cutting-edge science and technology ventures, Johnson has consistently demonstrated a passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Before his ventures in anti-ageing, Johnson achieved notable success as the founder of Braintree, a leading mobile and web payment system acquired by PayPal for £636 million in 2013.

With the launch of the Blueprint Stack, Johnson aims to democratise access to cutting-edge anti-ageing strategies, empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being. As the demand for innovative wellness solutions continues to rise, Johnson’s Blueprint Stack represents a significant leap forward in the quest for everlasting youth and vitality.

Bryan Johnson is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author known for his groundbreaking contributions to the technology and wellness sectors. As the founder of Kernel and OS Fund, Johnson has spearheaded pioneering initiatives in brain-monitoring technology and venture capital investment. With his latest venture, Project Blueprint, Johnson aims to revolutionise the anti-ageing industry and empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.



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