A few days ago, actress Juhi Chawla had filed a lawsuit against the setting up of 5G networks in India. The Delhi High Court had dismissed her plea and had fined her for Rs. 20 lakh (Rs. 2000000 / £ 19388).

Today, Juhi has shared a video on Twitter, in which she has explained her views on 5g technology. The actress has stated in the video, “Namaste. In the last few days, there was so much noise that I couldn’t even listen to myself. Amid the noise, I felt that a very important message was probably lost. And that was, we are not against 5G. In fact we’re welcoming of it. Please do bring it.”

“All we’re asking is the authorities certify 5G safe. We’re saying that please certify, please publish your studies and research on this in the public domain so that our fear is allayed. So that all of us can sleep peacefully. We just want to know that it is safe for children, for pregnant women, for unborn children, for people who are old, infirm, for flora, fauna that is all we are asking,” she added.

Well, let’s see if the authorities will be able to answer what Juhi has asked them in the video.

Talking about Juhi’s movies, the actress will next be seen in Sharmaji Namkeen which will be Rishi Kapoor’s last film to hit the big screens.